7 Social Games to fire up a creative & fun conversation 🤩

Getting to know people can be exhausting. But if you switch things up using social games, you'll laugh, bond and have fun. Give it a try!

7 Social Games to fire up a creative & fun conversation 🤩

Conversations can be pretty exhausting. Especially when you keep skimming the surface. You’re not really getting out of the boring part of small talk.

This can happen when you are in a small group – where you know the people – but don’t really know them. Like colleagues – you see them every day, talk a bit, but don’t now anything about them. Or for example friends of friends, people you meet on holiday, etc. Somehow, despite being interested, you can’t relax, connect or have fun together.

Maybe it’s not your day. Or your colleagues don’t want to talk. But it is taxing carrying such conversation. At a certain moment you are all out of quarters. How can you still make a chat more fun?

Play some social games!

Let me present a few social games to spice up conversation. These games are made to go beyond the ossified patterns of small talk. Instead the games force you think and talk out of the box.

With all these social games, the challenge is to blurt out something as soon as possible. Don’t take minutes to figure out an erudite answer. Access that unconscious part of your brain, get creative, say stupid shit. Obviously that is funny, but it also makes you listen better, relax and bond.

Let’s have a look.

Tuesday Dilemma

This is based on a website that poses “tuesday (dinsdag) dilemmas” every week. These are interesting impossible to choose options to explore together. The best are where it is hardest to choose. And the most fun is, when someone takes an option – to say why they are wrong. Point is, you have fun arguing about impossible situations.

Example: “You hear every conversation with a 10-second delay” -OR- “ants are always crawling over your body”

I would argue that I’d rather have ants on my body, because a 10-second delay would make any conversation impossible. But you might point out – that everyone will be disgusted because of all the ants all the time. It’s fun to argue, a bit and move on to another dilemma.

Here are another 5 to get your conversations going:

“You are always waiting in line to get anything”
-OR- “You always have to walk backwards”

“If you sneeze yogurt spurts out”
-OR- “In an elevator you always stand very close to other passengers”

“You have to redo elementary school”
-OR- “You can only talk to people like you talk to babies”

“You have to post all your turds on Facebook”
-OR- “You don’t dare to go to the bathroom alone”

“Club one baby seal”
-OR- “Take care of 20 guinea pigs for the rest of your life”

Two Truths and a Lie

In this game you have to tell two truths about yourself. Plus one lie! Let the others discuss what is the lie. You can make this as hard or easy if you want. Once you’ve had a good laugh let the others take a turn.

Example: I love eating pineapple on my pizza. I pick my nose all the time. I smell my armpits a lot for the musky scent.

Which one is true? Which one is false? I’m not going to tell, but you can always guess and send me your answer! Though admitting two of them are true, is going to be hard, haha.

Categories of non-existing things

A way of getting creative, you have to think of things that have never existed. The point is you have to think of something that fits the description, yet complete fantasy. So the further you go down a list of items the harder it gets. But since you have to answer quickly – you spew more funny non-sense.


  • You think of a category say; cars, foods or animals.
  • The other has to imagine 7 items in the category that have never existed/are gone/are extinct/etc.
  • The list has to be filled as soon as possible.


  • “Name 7 Animals that have gone ‘extinct’”:
  • “The Californian eggplant eater, the newt cuddler, diving stork, the spotted lion, the velvet frog, the kaviar beetle – and the heavy daisy crusher!”

I just improvised this list in 30 seconds for this example. And after 3 “animals” it gets hard. But that is the fun, you have to dig in to a non-existing memory, so your mind just combines random words. Which is fun, and relaxing.

Look – a Californian eggplant eater!

3 Line Charachters

Create a character by one-by-one yelling a few random words. Then come up with what this character would say. This can be anything, a person, an object, a landscape.

Example: Coming up with a character_: “Uuuhm,….. an” “Envious” “Beehive” “Cleaner” – So we get the Envious Beehive Cleaner together. What would he say?

“Hmppff, my house is just as sugary and clean as this hive, queeny.”
“I know you cheat on me! I’ll release my most proper bees on you if I catch you!”
“Wasps ain’t got nothing on my shiny bees!”

You get the jest – try to come up with funny sentences for you character quickly. So you can laugh about the ridiculousness immediately.

Dad-Joke Competition

You make sport out of making the worst joke. Obviously, dad jokes are the best for this.

Since failing is the goal – it becomes more fun who can make the worst joke. People won’t be embarrassed to try to be funny. And if you happen to strike gold and have a funny joke – all the better!

Example: “My wife is really mad at the fact that I have no sense of direction. So I packed up my stuff and right.”

Well this one is bad. But you might top it with: “How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.”

So cringy – so bad! And that’s the goal!

Make it or break it

You have to describe the feature of your ultimate lover/friend/hero or any other positive character. The others can then add one negative trait at a time – you then explain whether it is still your ultimate love/friend/hero. Did the negative make or break it?

Example: My ultimate girlfriend would be: ‘beautiful, smart and funny.‘ You might add as negative trait – ‘she always farts during sex‘. Well honestly that would break it for me, hahaha.

Another example: My best friend would be ‘faithful, a_lways make time for me and enjoys the same hobbies._‘ You add the negative trait of him being ‘arrogant‘. Nah, still works for me. You add – ‘but he always ruins your jokes’. Yup that did it – not my best friend anymore.

The game is a fun way to take impossible fantasies and fool around with them.

Finnish the sentence / last 5 words

In this game you have to listen well. One person starts with a story, using one sentence. Then the next person has to continue the story with one line. But start with the last 5 words of the previous sentence. Then the next person does the same. This will spiral into hilarity.


“The baker went to the store to get some extra yeast.”
“To get some extra yeast, he had to trade his cat with the red fur”
“His cat with the red fur was his favorite friend at home”
“His favorite friend at home did eat too much fish”
“Did eat too much fish – so the baker’s wife went broke”
“The baker’s wife went broke – so she had to sell her old dolls on the market”
Etc. etc.

As you see the story takes weird twists and turns already. And i’m playing on my own now. Go do this together!

Hope you have fun with these social games! It is a great way to shake things up. Get to know each other on a different level. And just have fun and be less serious about things. Let me know what happened when you tried! Love to hear how it works out for you!