About Techlecticism

Does this sound like you?

“I can’t think of anything to say, so the most natural is to not say anything then. So I kinda zone out.”

“If three people are talking, I don’t know how to join in, I don’t get that!”

“I will be standing on the sidelines, not knowing how to add to the conversation, hoping people come to talk to me. It makes me feel hopeless.”

“I am just constantly worried in any social situation, I am on edge, I can’t relax. It is just easier for me to be at home and not think about it.”

What's the matter?

You’re a smart guy, but you just can’t figure out this socializing thing. Are you doomed to just feel isolated? Why do you feel so anxious? Are you just weird?

Maybe you regret not having done so many things. Going out more, meeting more people, making more friends. I mean, it is not that you are antisocial. You want to be around people. You want to have a good time. But somehow you are stuck.

If you are ready to fix this. And want to put in the work, I can help you become your best confident self!

  • Get out of your overthinking head.
  • Stop assuming people don’t like you.
  • Easily approach and talk to new people.
  • Enjoy meaningful conversation
  • And make awesome new friends.

Get years ahead in your life by solving this now!

So who is helping you?

That would be me, Timon. As a coach and fellow nerd, I help guys develop their socials skills and confidence. Unlike others, I address all the aspects related to socializing. Including psychology, sociology, and philosophy. The banter and cheap jokes are included bonuses :).

timon playing dnd
In my natural habitat, being 'spontaneous'.
Me while traveling - one of my favorite things!

What other people said about Techlecticism:

"[I've gained] three benefits, I feel more like myself, I feel confident, I feel comfortable - and let's put a fourth one - I'm able to become friends with people a lot easier.

  • Aslan

“Timon was great at understanding what was holding me back, and always had an actionable way to overcome those barriers and help me develop social confidence.

I may have been able to learn these strategies myself. Maybe. But it would have taken years. Why would I wait when Timon’s coaching could help me improve immediately?”

  • Callum B

"Listening to your video and reading your posts; which were great, I accumulated courage to walk out and execute it."

  • Raghav S

So where to start?

How about learning how to keep conversations going? Join the newsletter below and get started today!

Talk to you soon!