Change the story of your life

You have limiting beliefs in your head. You can change those by focusing on better stories about yourself.

Change the story of your life

We are all constantly narrating our lives. Whether we focus on our past, future or present, there is this constant chatter in our head. A never resting narrator. Telling us, who we are, what we are doing, what we think of situations, what other must be thinking about us. A lot of talking.

  • “Why is she not looking at me?”
  • “Is my hair weird?”
  • “I can’t talk to them! They would just laugh.”

But these are not true observations. These are our observations colored by our beliefs.

If we don't want to be led by these negative talks and beliefs, we must understand the mechanism and redesign the input. To change your personal story of your life let's look at:

  1. Biased perspective
  2. Understanding beliefs
  3. Defining a different story
  4. Pausing and reinterpreting
  5. Rewriting your story
  6. Acting to reinforce new beliefs