Cheat sheet - on how to feel comfortable around other people

If you feel uncomfortable around people, take a look at this cheat sheet. It summarizes everything you need to feel relaxed around strangers.

Cheat sheet - on how to feel comfortable around other people

A few months back I wrote a small talk cheat sheet, it really helped a lot of people. I thought let's build upon that, and write some guidelines for comfortable conversation around new people. There already are a few articles on the subject, this is mostly a summary and an extension on that.

But since most of you guys only skim or don’t want to read a few 1000 words ;), voila a cheat sheet, hope it helps!

If you need it, the print/pdf versions is here.

Anxiety and discomfort

  • Situational/social anxiety has several common causes
  • Ambiguity
  • Not knowing how to act
  • A gap of expectations
  • Fear of looking like a fool
  • Fear of failure
  • Following points are to avoid, mitigate or overcome these causes
  • There are more personal reasons for anxiety
  • (those are beyond the scope here.)

Important Mindsets to take to heart

  • Everybody likes me until proven otherwise
  • I am a likable and interesting person
  • I can develop in a better me by taking action
  • I’m the actor not the victim in my life
  • I’m truly interested in other people