Does the following sound true?

  • “I just feel isolated at work and it makes me feel sad.”
  • “It’s just hard to keep a conversation going, I never know what to say next, my mind just blanks”
  • “I’m afraid people find me boring, or just don’t like me”
  • “I crave connection to people, but I just don’t where to start.”
  • “How do I start a conversation, without it just fizzling out in a few seconds?”

If you too feel any of this and you want to overcome this, coaching can work. If you are motivated to change, to develop yourself I can help you get on the right track. Let’s have a quick free chat to see how I can best support you.

We’ll break through your anxieties step by step. You’ll develop more confidence and self-esteem. So you’ll know people will like you, always have something interesting to say, approach people with ease and make new friends! Hit me up at – and I get back to you as soon as possible.

It’s my pleasure, to help you become your best social self!

What others said:

"The biggest thing […], that [Timon] thought me; the power of firstly recognizing the situation that caused me anxiety. Then broadly speaking, figuring out a plan to improve, my ability to handle that situation. Put myself in the situation and then practice, until my anxiety level reduced. That process changed everything really. Rather than just being crippled by the anxiety never doing anything about it, it allowed me to take control and do something. Overcome it!”

  • Callum B

"The thing I especially liked about your advice was – no – is the following: I was actually getting information for my situation personally, so I felt the advice was more trustable this way."

"I would very much recommend it to others, the results are very good, and the process is nice."

  • Aslan K