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What others said:

"I feel more in control of the outcome. […] there are also lots of situation where [I] feel almost no anxiety now, whereas before I felt a lot of anxiety."

  • Callum B

"Listening to your video and reading your posts; which were great, I accumulated courage to walk out and execute it."

  • Raghav S

"[I've gained] three benefits, I feel more like myself, I feel confident, I feel comfortable - and let's put a fourth one - I'm able to become friends with people a lot easier."

  • Aslan K

Your gut twists, sweat breaks out, your mind blanks,...Aah! What to do?! Run? Are you just weird?

You just don't know what to say! But you're sick of feeling this way, why can't this be easy?

I get it, totally normal if you feel anxious talking to people.

After years of practicing, studying, and working with 100s of guys, I distilled the most useful and actionable advice. Let me help you be yourself, easily talk to strangers, and ultimately make new friends!

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